Osprey Nest

Kite Hawk Nest Burned Tree
Osprey Nest In Burned Tree
Kite Hawk Nest
Osprey nest atop burned forest fire tree.

There was a big forest fire in the area between Zion and Cedar Breaks and the tree the Osprey nest is in was burned, they worked quickly to rebuild. The nest has been there on that tree for many years. It was fun to watch the Osprey come and go from the nest to feed what sounded like two babies. Thanks to all the firefighters who work so hard to help save the forest and all the creatures living there.

UPDATE: We had torrential storms this summer (2014) and the whole nest was blown out of the tree. Very sad because it had been a successful nest for so many years. I hope the Osprey build another nest at a near by site.

UPDATE: 8-24-2015 – The Osprey have rebuilt their nest in a near by tree top. I hope this one last as long or longer then the last nest.